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SAOL Merino Wool Baby Blanket SA810162 TaraIrishClothing.com

Irish Baby Throw

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  • Pure New Wool
  • Soft Irish Lambswool
  • 36 Inch x 50 Inch

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Nothing is often more precious than a child's relationship with their blanket, which is why we think if you're going to get one, you might as well go all in. That's why we created this beautiful Irish baby throw, featuring a multitude of different colors and patterns, that will have your young's falling in love with their new best friend.  


Made from pure, soft merino wool, you know that this item has not only a very durable construction – we know those babies can be little tearing machines when they want to be – but it's also very comfortable. Thanks to the use of a single material too, you don't need to worry about allergic reactions – unless of course, you're skin doesn't like wool, then we'd recommend something a little different.


Coming in a perfect baby size 36 Inch x 50 Inch, this is the perfect product for your little tyke.