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Why is it a good idea to wear Merino Wool in summer

Wearing Merino Wool in Summer

Can you wear merino wool in summer? Our Answer is Definitely Yes. 

Merino wool is not a new topic on our blog if you are not a first time guest here. A year ago we’ve already created an introduction to merino wool and why it is a good idea to wear it. Originating almost 10 centuries ago in Spain, merino wool is nowadays one of the most beloved fabrics in the whole world, highly appreciated for its durability, softness, and versatility. And while most people associate wool with the colder seasons, we’re here to show you how and why merino wool is good for summer.

Merino wool resists odor

One of the most known things about merino wool is that it is odor repellent and it can be worn for a long time without getting smelly. But how exactly does merino wool protect you from smelling sweaty during summer? The main cause of odor is not the sweat itself, but the bacteria that develops in a warm and dump environment. Merino wool absorbs the odor and prevents the bacteria from building up, so that you could wear your favorite garment without having to worry about the smell. This fiber also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so that apart from bacteria it also stops the development of mildew and even mold. Overall, this quality of merino wool is especially important during summer, when the temperature rises steadily and we need to be extra cautious of our appearance. 

Merino wool is breathable and regulates the body temperature 

Merino Wool's capacity to assist in regulating the body's temperature throughout the year, regardless of the season or how hot or cold it is, is another feature unique to it. Its distinctive aspect is the large number of air pockets between the fibers, which trap air, help the body temperature regulation, and make merino wool garments breathable. Wool fiber also absorb any moisture from the skin, so whoever is wearing the item will always feel dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather. Thanks to it, you’ll never have to wonder whether merino wool is too hot for summer. This is especially important for babies and newborns and since every parent wants to keep them warm and comfortable, we would recommend getting a lightweight Irish baby blanket made of 100% merino wool. During the summer heat, a blanket like this will keep them cool and protected while also shielding them from any dangerous UV rays. 

Merino wool is a natural UV protector 

Another important reason for why it is recommended wearing merino wool in summer is the fact that this natural fiber provides protection from the harmful UV radiation. The exposure to the sunlight in a safe and healthy way is essential for all people especially during summer, and merino wool's ability to absorb the harmful wavelengths of the ultraviolet range makes it an indispensable fabric for your summer wardrobe. A t-shirt made of this material can be used as a base layer for when you are in a region with a colder climate and during a stay somewhere in the tropics, which makes merino a popular fabric among professional athletes and travelers. A shawl wrap cardigan made of merino wool will provide you with all the protection you need on hot, sunny days while also being lightweight and keeping you cool.

Merino wool is perfect for traveling 

What summer without traveling? Whether you’re planning on going on the other side of the world or simply having a city break you should be looking to pack merino wool clothes. The garments made of this superfine fabric are lightweight, they don’t take too much space in the luggage and provide great protection against both the warm sea breeze and cold mountain air. Merino wool is especially great for hiking, as it is designed to adapt to the environment and to the sudden temperature changes that often happen when in nature. They are also perfect for regular sightseeing or long walks, because they are soft, don’t irritate the skin and can be worn all day long.

Merino wool comes in all sorts of designs

Although it is usually only associated with sweaters, Merino wool garments are much more diverse than you may expect. Apart from the classic white, black, and navy colors, they also come in brighter, more interesting designs such as cardigans, shawls, vests, and all sorts of accessories. Our latest collection features new, bold colors and styles, for example the teal-colored wool cowl neck Irish poncho that features a combination of cable and rope stitches or the army green zip Aran cardigan for men with a cable and braid pattern. These clothes would go well with any outfit you decide to put on on a summer night when the temperature drops and you’d like to keep yourself warm and fresh. The charming detail elements like stitches will complement the merino wool so that you would enjoy your garment and the quality of the fabric that it is made of.

Merino wool is easy to take care of

Since it is breathable and odor resistant, merino wool requires to be washed less frequently than other fabrics, but it still needs to be deep cleaned from time to time. The instructions for cleaning our merino wool clothing are very simple: avoid washing machines, as they can cause the fabric to shrink and lose its original design and rather wash your clothes by hand and lay them flat to dry. Invest in a gentle detergent designed especially for wool or delicate fabrics. For frequent use, the clothing can be air dried. Simply hang the garment in a windy area like a porch, backyard, balcony, or even at an open window if no other options are available to you, and leave it there for a few hours. It will look brand new and smell fresh. 


To sum up, there are many reasons to wear merino wool in summer. Merino wool is a sensible choice for your summer wardrobe because it is breathable, soft, comfortable against the skin, and simple to care for. At Tara Irish Clothing, we use the highest quality merino wool while creating our products so that our customers could experience all the benefits of wearing this material while enjoying the beautiful, eye-catching patterns and colors. To draw more inspiration for your summer outfits, as well as to purchase an authentic Irish sweater or cardigan made of merino wool , we welcome you to  shop with us!


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