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Top 10 Irish Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022

Irish Christmas Gift Ideas for 2022It’s the season to be jolly!
And truly - what a joy, to be able to make your loved ones happy with a Christmas gift picked just for them. Even though the process is not always very smooth, we want to bring the enjoyment of the present hunt back to replace the common holiday stress. The Christmas season is for giggles, uncounted glasses of wine and people we love, not running around malls and worrying about huge queues. And, of course, the Christmas season is better celebrated with a sprinkle of Irish spirit!

This year, we are helping you tick “buy presents” off your to-do list quickly, with the perfect Irish Christmas gifts ideas, allowing you to spend that time with your friends and family instead. If you are wondering What are traditional Irish Christmas gifts?” or “What is the ideal gift for someone of Irish origins?”- Our Christmas gift guide will sail you smoothly through this festive season.

So, hop in the sleigh and let’s explore some ideas for the best Irish Christmas gift!

1. A Men's Zipper Aran Sweater

You can’t go wrong with an Aran sweater! This beautiful piece is ideal for any gentleman. It is made in Ireland, in the traditional Donegal sweater style. Made of fine 100% merino wool, this piece will keep your loved ones warm and comfortable all throughout the day, making it an ideal gift for this time of the year! Besides its functionality, the sweater has a stunning design as well. The culturally inspired design will surely turn all the heads. Each one of the Aran stitches in the knit pattern have their own symbolism and story behind. The pattern combines a cable and a honeycomb knit, by far the most beloved ones that exist. A cable stitch represents the ropes used by the brave Irish fishermen, while the honeycomb is a symbol for the bee culture that existed on the Aran Islands. 

2. A Cable Knit Irish Sweater for Ladies

Let’s not forget about the ladies! This beautiful Aran Knit Cable Sweater is the perfect gift to buy for an Irish woman. In the same spirit as our previous recommendations, this sweater is a traditional piece that combines functionality, style and cultural significance. Made of 100% Merino Wool, this piece is perfectly soft for her delicate skin. The design features Aran patterns as well, with a more prominent cable stitch. The collar is elegantly braided, bringing an extra note of sophistication into the overall look.

3. A Merino Aran Hoddie for your Little Ones

Children-Merino-Aran-HoodieCherishing Irish culture is for the entire family. Pass your culture down to the little ones as well with this exceptionally beautiful Merino Aran hoodie for children. Crafted from soft Merino Wool, this piece will keep the little one warm and cozy all day long. He or she will also be the center of attention of any family picture with such an adorable Aran cardigan. The design is suitable for both boys and girls. This cardigan is knit with a honeycomb pattern so the small one will be followed by luck and success all throughout his or her life!

4. An Irish Flat Cap

And the prize for the most Irish accessory goes to… this gorgeous Donegal Sleek Irish Touring Tweed Cap! Vastly popularized by the Netflix show “The Peaky Blinders”, Irish flat caps became a must-have in any gentleman’s closet. They are sophisticated and guaranteed to be ideal for colder months. This piece is designed with a full body, being made from warm and comfortable tweed wool. The peak is curved and sewn-down, which denotes elegance. A huge benefit of this gift idea is represented by its versatility! This flatcap comes in a variety of colors and, whilst originally being a male accessory, it is often worn by women in recent fashion trends and they look beautiful in it. So, we suggest you take advantage of this piece’s versatility and throw it in the back of our sleigh!

5. A warm and cozy scarf

Make sure your loved ones are warm and cozy by purchasing an Irish scarf for them! This beautiful infinity scarf is ideal for covering the neck, head and ears, all at once, thus being very useful when temperatures start dropping. Made of Merino Wool, it is soft, with a pleasant texture and it will maintain warmth, while also allowing breathability. Its honeycomb stitch offers the design an Irish flair, which is all you need to charm any Irish person! Such a gift brings both comfort and charm and it will surely be appreciated this Christmas season. 

6. An Aran Knit Bobble Hat

An absolutely adorable choice for your mother, sister, wife, daughter or friend! This charming knitted beanie hat is what every lady needs for the winter. Such a classic, yet timeless piece, it will be appreciated by all ages. The beanie is made from 100% Merino Wool and, just like our previous recommendations, it is warm, soft and guaranteed to provide all-day long coziness. Besides that, it’s attention stealing! The Aran cable knit adds just the right amount of traditional Irish charm, while the pom-pom on top completes this playful look. 

7. A Soft Blanket to Snug

This gift idea has got you covered… literally. A knit blanket, made out of supersoft wool, is always a choice you cannot go wrong with when it comes to gift-making. This is a safe option for those you don’t know that well too, either work colleagues or maybe extended family. Anyone enjoys coziness as winter is starting to settle in and such a stunning blanket will surely put a smile on their face as they unwrap their present. This piece is knit with traditional honeycomb stitches and decorated with a shamrock motif. In this combination, it cannot get more Irish! 

8. A pair of fluffy knit slippers

There’s no place like home. This Christmas, surprise your loved ones with a pair of woolen slippers that will make staying home even more tempting than before! Incredibly cozy, these Aran knit slippers have a handy design and an attractive appearance. Their fluffy body adds a dose of joy. These slippers, a mug of hot chocolate and a good Christmas movie create the perfect formula for a night in! A cable knit is featured - so they carry good luck as well. 

9. An elegant Irish Cardigan

Did you find yourself wondering what the perfect gift for an Irish woman might be? We have the answer! This superb Aran hooded cardigan is ideal for her. Adorned with Irish charm, this design encapsulates various motifs of both Irish and Celtic culture. Besides the beloved cable knit pattern, this piece also features a Trinity Knot zipper. It is made from the finest Merino Wool and it comes with two extra conventional front pockets that are ideal for the phone, key or warming one’s hands. You better hurry up - it’s quite a popular choice and it might go out of stock soon! 

10. Warm Irish Woolen Mittens 

The final touch to a wardrobe full of woolen Irish pieces - warm mittens! Made in Ireland and designed with a diamond stitch, these Irish Merino Wool mittens are the perfect final touch to any outfit, as they come in an elegant design, with a note of Irish sophistication. A diamond stitch was used in knitting these exquisite pieces. They preserve body heat, but allow air flow for the ultimate comfort. Both very useful during the cold season and great accessories, the Irish mittens will surely bring some joy under the tree. 


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