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Top 10 Irish Caps for Summer- How to find the best summer hat

Top 10 Irish Summer Caps

With its travel plans, upcoming vacations, and a lot of time spent in the sun, summer can have us thinking about ways to adapt our wardrobe so we can stay stylish and comfortable. Accessories are always a great idea to elevate outfits, but what’s the best way to take them from the cold seasons to the warm ones? You may be wondering if Irish caps are the right piece for summer. Shortly, yes, but in order to learn more about the many details that make caps, or more specifically Irish caps, perfect for the warm season, we need to begin with a brief history lesson.

Flat caps can be traced back to 14th century England, where they gained popularity among the working-class. In Ireland, these distinctive flat caps, traditionally handcrafted by skilled artisans from wool and tweed, were used as protection from the harsh temperatures, and well known for their functionality, comfort, and easy to recognize structure. Over time, the Irish flat cap evolved beyond its utilitarian origins to become a symbol of Irish identity. Nowadays, the flat caps remain a timeless accessory, loved by both men and women across the world. But how to take the classic flat cap and transform it into the perfect summer piece? To find out, we need to dive into the many styles and materials that Irish caps can be designed with.

The many styles of Irish caps 

With a rich history, the Irish cap has many variations that are designed with distinctive features. So what makes each cap style unique?

Flat caps

Known also as ivy caps, driving or paddy caps, flat caps are notorious for their rounded but fitted construction, designed with multiple bands sewn together at the back. They usually feature a short brim, and sit close to the head for a neat appearance. Flat caps also have many variations, such as the touring, trinity, or kerry cap. The differences among these cap types often come down to the brim width, the shape or even material, all being originally tailored for different working categories.

  • The Touring cap, much like its name, is designed to perfectly assist you on walks or spending time outdoors. This style can be identified by its aerodynamic shape that ensures optimal comfort in all types of weather. It is designed with a stitched down curved peak that will shield your eyes on sunny days.
  • Kerry caps have a slightly more voluminous body, a curved peak, and a slight billow on either side. The crown of the cap is usually fuller compared to other styles of flat caps. This slightly sportier cap often comes with an elastic band at the back for a secure fit. 
  • The Trinity cap is quite similar to the Kerry cap, but there is one important difference, and it all comes down to the peak. This cap style has a shorter, flatter peak that is relaxed and stylish at the same time.   

Newsboy caps  

Newsboy caps are popular amongst both men and women, as it was inspired by the 1920s paper boys and girls, and have distinctive characteristics that differentiate them from the flat caps discussed above. The main difference is that unlike flat caps, newsboys caps are puffier, with a voluminous silhouette, with a low profile and a small, stiff brim. This style is crafted from 8 panels stitched together at the top and finished with a button. This is why it's also called an 8 panel cap, or a Gatsby cap. Newsboy caps for women have become more and more popular and are often designed with elegant details, such as buckles, bands, or leather rosettes. Newsboy caps offer plenty of styling options, and ensure a touch of vintage sophistication for any outfit, while also keeping you shielded from the strong sunlight especially in summer. 

 Flapper caps

This type of cap has become an icon of the roaring 20s, and is also known by the name ‘cloche hat’, as it resembles the shape of a bell. Flapper hats have a soft and rounded silhouette, with low-crowned brims often turned downwards, beautifully framing the face. Flapper hats are a very popular hat style for women and are sometimes decorated with buckles, feathers, or flowers, for an extra feminine touch. 

Patchwork caps

This style is unique and so easy to recognise as it uses multiple patches of materials sewn together to form the body of the cap. The charm of patchwork caps lies in their eclectic and vibrant designs. The patches can feature different patterns, such as plaid, check, stripes, florals, or abstract motifs. The combination of various fabrics and patterns creates a visually vibrant and unique hat.  

The best Irish caps for summer - it’s all about the material

 Traditional Irish caps are crafted with great attention to detail from tweed, a wooly material that keeps your head warm and is highly resistant to harsh temperatures. However, you might wonder how to wear such iconic caps in the hot weather. For the warmer seasons, linen and cotton make ideal material alternatives, ensuring you will have the perfect Irish summer flat cap- lightweight, breathable and stylish. Let’s dive in why should you opt for summer caps made from linen or cotton: 


One of the primary advantages of linen is its breathability. The natural fibers allow air to circulate, keeping your head cool and preventing overheating. In hot and humid weather, an Irish linen cap can help regulate temperature and promote comfort. Linen is a lightweight fabric, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods, even in hot weather. It doesn't feel heavy or restrictive on your head, allowing for easy movement and breathability. Moreover, it is one of the most eco-friendly materials out there, as it is bio-degradable and durable, ensuring any linen cap will last for years to come. 


Cotton is another great choice for comfortable summer headwear. Cotton is a natural material widely appreciated for its breathability, allowing heat and moisture to escape, preventing excessive sweating and promoting airflow, making it just right for those sunny days when you need to protect your head from the powerful UV rays, but also remain dry and comfortable. Cotton is resistant to moisture, and ensures heat will naturally flow, preventing any unwanted sweating. It is a lightweight material, which makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods, particularly in warmer temperatures. It doesn't weigh down on your head or feel restrictive, ensuring ease of movement and ventilation. 

 Harris Tweed:

This type of tweed is exclusively produced in Scotland, and officially recognised as an emblem of Outer Hebrides islands. Even though tweed caps are traditionally worn in the fall or winter, Harris tweed is also notorious for keeping you cool in the summer, as it allows the heat to easily flow away from your head. Besides its durability, guaranteeing to withstand the test of time, this tweed is also water resistant and will ensure keep your head dry and comfortable. Caps made from Harris tweed are ideal for summer evenings by the campfire, trips to the mountains, or enjoying the outdoors with your loved ones. 

Best Irish summer caps:

 As we meticulously analyzed everything that makes them so special, you can now call yourself an expert of Irish caps. Searching for the perfect Irish summer flat cap can be challenging, as there are unlimited options. So we decided to give you a helping hand and show you our favorite summer caps from our collections of Irish caps for men and Irish caps for women, and what makes them unique. We will touch upon the body, material, and design of each cap so you have all details when choosing your to-go cap for the summer.   

1. Irish Summer Linen Handmade Flat Cap 

Body: This classic flat cap has a sleek structure with a flat and fitted body that is perfect for summer walks in the park or running errands. Its curved stitched-down brim provides shade and comfort on extra sunny days.

Material: Handmade from 100% linen, this cap ensures great levels of comfort and breathability, as it is lightweight and perfect for prolonged wear.

Design: The rich blue tones of this hat ensure you can style it with a variety of outfits and look fashionable throughout the summer.

2. Summer Irish Patchwork Flat Cap


Body: Designed with a flat brim and fit structure, this patchwork cap provides comfort and protection on sunny summer days.

Material: It is attentively crafted from 100% linen, ensuring breathability, so you won’t sweat too much when the sun brightly shines. The taffeta interior lining provides great comfort as it is soft to the skin.

Design: The patchwork design exudes versatility and uniqueness. Ideal for both men and women, this cap is made with multiple pieces of material sewn together to create a truly one of a kind headwear piece. 

3. Summer Irish Linen Touring Flat Cap

Body: This touring cap has a tailored fit ensuring optimal comfort and an aerodynamic structure, great for the outdoors. The stitched down curved brim is perfect for driving, as it will shield your vision from the sun. 

Material: Great for hot temperatures, this cap is made with lightweight 100% linen and a viscose interior lining, offering great comfort, endurance and durability. An eco-friendly choice, this cap will allow your skin to breathe and remain dry.

Design: Crafted in neutral colors, this cap will keep you cool and stylish throughout the summer. The viscose interior lining is also a great detail that provides extra comfort, as it will feel smooth to the skin and keep you dry from any unwanted sweat. 

4. Fisherman Waterproof Wax Cotton Men's Flat Cap

Body: This trinity style cap has a sleek structure and a short, flat peak that creates a relaxed look, while also ensuring to keep you comfortable and protected from the sun’s powerful rays. 

Material: This cap is unique due to its manufacturing process. It is made from waxed cotton that is both breathable and lightweight, but also waterproof. This cap ensures that lovers of walks or hikes will be protected in all weather conditions.  

Design:  The timeless design can never fail, as its neutral color scheme works perfectly with any of your summer clothes.

5. Irish Linen Flat Cap by Hanna Hats

Body: Classic flat cap with a sleek curved structure and a stitched-down brim, ensuring protection and timeless elegance. 

Material: Made from lightweight 100% linen, this cap will allow your skin to breathe, and will ensure you stay dry during your summer activities. 

Design: Resembling the style of Irish lads, this cap is a fashionable accessory, with skilled detailing that cannot miss from any man’s summer wardrobe.

 6. Irish Checked Linen Traditional Men's Flat Cap

Body: Another fitted Trinity cap with a short flat brim that adds the right touch of comfort and protection on any sunny day. The structure is both relaxed and stylish.

Material: Linen is a top-favorite for these caps as it is eco-conscious, light, and comfortable. This cap will keep your head protected from sun rays and shield your eyes from the sun

Design: This unique cap features a plaid design, with intertwining squares that create a stunning visual effect, and add Irish charm.

7. Harris Tweed Traditional Men's Flat Cap

Body: This cap displayed a classic flat cap structure with a fitted body and curved stitched-down brim, excellent for sunny or rainy weather in summer.

Material: Uniquely made with Harris Tweed, this cap keeps you cool and refreshed in warm temperatures and it makes a great accessory for vacations in the countryside, mountains, or chilly summer night spent with the family.

Design: This piece is crafted with an iconic herringbone pattern, showcasing interconnecting lines in V-shaped rows. This pattern is meant to represent the fisherman's catch, a treasured Irish symbol of abundance and success.

8. Irish Women's Flapper Hat

Body: This 20s like flapper cap has a soft, rounded brim turned downwards that beautifully frames the face.   

Material: Also made from durable tweed, this piece is just right for accessorizing any ladies summer outfits on colder rainy days, or if you take a trip to foggy England, Ireland, or Scotland.

Design: The plaid pattern featured bright colors perfect for the warm seasons. The buckled band adds extra elegance, and the elastic at the back ensures you can easily adjust it.

9. Children’s Irish Tweed Patchwork Cap

Body: This patchwork cap exudes excellent craftsmanship. The curved peak protects your little one from the powerful sun rays, and ensures comfort and style.

Material: Crafted with sturdy tweed, this cap is long-lasting and perfect for all of your kid’s adventures this summer, whether camps, trips, or outdoor explorations.

Design: This cap features various patterns of tweed, arranged in a stunning pattern that is unique for each piece. The velcro band at the back ensures easy adjustment and a secure fit.

10.  Handmade Natural Linen Flat Cap

Body: This handmade Kerry cap has a voluminous body, curved peak, and billow on the sides. This cap is sportier than others, perfect for your fun summer adventures.

Material: Made with breathable linen that allows air to flow, guaranteeing to keep you dry during extra hot days.

Design: This neutral piece is designed with sun-protection in mind, as light colors tend to reflect the sunlight.

 Now that you’ve seen the many advantages of Irish summer caps and all of the material that can shield your head from the strong sunlight, you can start shopping for the perfect hat for the upcoming months!
Here at Tara, we take pride in offering a wide selection of Irish caps and particularly, summer caps, that perfectly suit all of your needs for the hot seasons. From newsboy to flapper, flat caps, Trinity to Kerry or touring, our collection of Irish caps and hats has it all! Try the intricate patterns and textures of our exclusive Irish caps, meticulously crafted in Ireland by skilled artisans with the finest materials. The soft touch of Irish linen, the earthy charm of traditional tweed, or the cool comfort of breathable cotton – our collection of caps are just what you need to make this summer truly memorable! Shop now and add flair and comfort to your everyday style!


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