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This winter, wear your Celtic heritage

Many people believe that wearing traditional clothing is too imposing and bold for them, notably in modern society, when finding someone who takes pride in wearing such attire is quite unusual and rare. Here at Tara Irish Clothing, we are honored to bring back the Celtic tradition. Our garments are made of luxurious Irish merino wool and other natural fibers, making them not only attractive but also functional, long-lasting, and durable. We use traditional Aran stitches and create garments that have always played a major role in Irish history. Our throws and scarves resemble the famous Galway shawl that has helped the Irish migrants keep warm and carry their belongings on their way to the United States during the potato famine. In case you are still unsure whether to include the traditional Aran garments in your wardrobe or not, here are a few tips and ideas on how and why you should wear Celtic inspired attire.

Traditional Aran Sweaters

Crew Neck heavyweight Irish sweater      Irish Cable Knit Wool Aran Sweater for Men

The easiest and most common way of wearing your Celtic heritage on a daily basis is by wearing an Aran sweater. A classic crew neck knitted Irish sweater for men is a popular item of apparel among people of all ages, social statuses, and occupations. More than that, many fashion stylists actually consider this garment to be one of the greatest essential sweaters of anyone's wardrobe, as it is comfortable, elegant, and fits everybody. It is also quite versatile, since it can be worn by both men and women and with all kinds of bottoms, ranging from formal black trousers to fluttering dresses and sheer skirts. The best part of these sweaters are, of course, the stitches, which are said to represent certain wishes and that back in the day each clan had its unique design. 

 Cable Stitching

Aran Cable Stitching

Diamond Stitching

Diamond Aran Stitching

Honeycomb Stitching

Honeycomb Aran Stitching


 The cable rope stitch is the most prevalent, and it was traditionally used to symbolize strength and good luck, while other popular designs include the diamond stitch which represented wealth and success, the tree of life as a symbol of all the milestones and life events of an individual, the zig zag which signifies the highs and lows of the married life, and many others that portrayed on the garments different wishes, as well as the daily activities of the locals of the Aran Islands.  These days, you can choose a simple cable rope sweater, very popular this autumn and winter season, or you can opt for something more interesting, such as a jumper that incorporates a variety of different stitches and patterns, to create a more fascinating and complex look. 

A Trendy Wool Knit Irish Vest

Aran Shawl Wrap Cardigan with Pockets      Men's V-Neck Irish Knit Vest

If you're still unsure about your style choices or just need to adhere to a formal dress code, integrating a knitted vest into a simple outfit is a great way to show off your Celtic ancestry. In this manner, your outfit will be practical and comfortable while still looking classy and put-together. For example, a navy blue knitted vest can be a great complement to your workplace uniform of a white button up shirt and black pants. You'll keep within the dress code's bounds while yet adding something unique, innovative, and most importantly traditional to your look.  It's also a must-have for layering, which is not only stylish, but also a really warm and comfortable way to look fashionable this season. Vests, or sleeveless sweaters as they are often known, are currently incredibly popular among women, especially the big colorful ones that can create a great accent piece for your ensemble, despite the fact that they are typically considered as a men's clothing. They are available in a variety of sizes and fits at Tara, allowing everyone to choose one that suits their preferences and lifestyle. You can choose a well-fitted black one with buttons for an official event such as a wedding, but you can also get a modern wool knit Irish wrap vest for women that you can wear to make your autumn and winter days more colorful and vivid. Most importantly, these garments, just like the sweaters, come in many traditional Celtic patterns, so that you can even choose one as a thoughtful gift to someone whom you care about. 

Aran Knit Accessories

   Merino Wool Shamrock Irish Scarf      Children's Kids Linen Irish Hat

Adding traditional patterns to your everyday accessories, such as hats, scarves, and mittens or gloves, depending on your preference, is another great and practical way to show off your heritage. Wearing such items is an excellent way to link with your ancestry, especially now that winter is approaching and we will soon need to protect our hands, heads, and necks from the harsh cold and brutal winds. The beauty of these accessories lies not only in their magnificent traditional designs, but also in how well they complement any piece of clothing or outdoor wear, whether it's an elegant overcoat or a puffy winter jacket. You can choose a classic cable rope woolen white, beige, or black scarf or something more unique, such as a wool Aran scarf with shamrock design. This way, you will not only keep your neck warm and protect yourself from catching a cold, but also have a fascinating look with a traditional charm. Similarly, you can purchase simple knitted Irish mittens and wool Aran hats with distinctive designs, patterns, and stitches that will make you stand out and add a fleur of heritage to your outfit. And if you want to show off your ancestry in a truly unique manner, you can acquire a combo of all three of these items that will keep you warm and stylish this season.

As you can see, wearing your Celtic heritage is far easier and more enjoyable than it seems at the first glance. What appears to be an overly daring attire that would be difficult to carry off in regular life turns out to be a really fun and thrilling way to display your ancestry. From classic Irish sweaters to distinctive scarves, there are a plethora of ways to try out new, interesting things to do with the traditional pieces from your wardrobe. Here at Tara we take pride in creating one-of-a-kind, high-quality garments and accessories that pay homage to the Celtic heritage, so if you happen to need more inspiration or ideas for how to diversify your outfits, welcome shopping with us! 

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