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A sneak peak of our new fall-autumn additions

Tara-New-AdditionsAfter a summer full of sunny days, adventures and relaxing holidays, it is hard to find exciting things about the fall season. But we are here and we are giving you something to be excited about: our new fall-winter collection. These new wool garments  tick all the “non excitement” boxes, turning them into exciting moments. They will keep you warm during any weather, help you make the most comfortable outfit for your busy schedule, and will remind you of an Irish holiday. With that being said, the new items that we are introducing this month are all high quality pieces that are ready to take up the space in your wardrobe…and in your heart. In this article we’re only gonna go over a couple of the new throws, scarves, cardigans and sweaters, allowing you to explore on your own once the collection is out. Read along and start saving up for getting all of these beautiful Irish inspired pieces for the warmest winter of them all, and the most stylish one.

Knit Aran Throws

Imagine a breezy autumn evening, coming home from work, longing for a warm cup of tea and some relaxation. You get home, make your tea and change into some super comfy clothes, turn on your favorite show and cuddle on the couch. We agree that this scenario sounds lovely, but something is missing and we will tell you exactly what. The Throws are back! We are introducing new additions of soft merino wool Aran throws that will be your best buddy this cold season. The one we present to you in this article is a Plaited Merino Aran Throw, made out of 100% Merino Wool and stitched with Aran stitches. Our throw comes in a variety of colors, it measures 40 by 55 inches and it is perfect for your living room couch, or for a barbeque night outside. Stitched with cable and trellis stitches, this throw is honoring Irish culture with its design, keeping you close to your ancestors. We guarantee that our throw will make all the difference when it comes to your cozy moments. If this design is not for you, check out the other throws in our collection, we have many designs to choose from.

Alpaca Wool Scarves

This next category is for the people who are always cold, but stylish. Scarfs are not only a way to keep warm during winter, but they are also super fashionable items that give your look a plus of style. We are introducing different types of Irish scarves with different fabrics and multiple colors for you to explore, but the one we present in this article, the Alpaca Wool Irish Scarf is a piece to add to your wardrobe. Made out of 100% Alpaca Wool, this scarf will be your softest purchase and will surely keep you warm while also allowing your skin to breathe. The design of the scarf features neutral earthy colors such as beige and brown, allowing you to style it in various ways. The design is enriched with 4” fringes at the end, for more elegance and dynamic. Our unique scarf is made in Ireland, giving it a cultural plus as well, and it is made by Mucros Weavers, a well known high quality brand that pays attention to the details, ensuring the best experience when using their products. Get ready to style this scarf, and browse our collection of Irish scarves for more designs and colors, to make sure you find the best fit for you.

Irish Cardigans

A timeless piece that will never stop being in style, practical and comfortable. Whether you’re going to the store in a rush, to work on a cold day or to a fancy dinner and need something to keep you warm, a knit cardigan will be suitable for all of these situations. Easy to wear and to style, our new collection features two cardigans with different designs. The one we will talk about in this article is a Boyfriend Irish Cardigan that is ready to be incorporated into your many outfit ideas. Made out of soft merino wool, just like all of our other pieces, this Irish cardigan will last you a very long time, ensuring warmth and coziness all along. Our cardigan is designed with oversized wooden buttons and it comes in two colors: Ocean Gray and SeaFoam Green, both of which are pastel colors, easy to combine with many items in your wardrobe. Knitted with traditional Aran cable and rope stitches, this cardigan is a piece that honors Irish culture, as the Aran stitches were used in the ancient times for Fishermen sweaters. And talking about fishermen sweaters, get ready for our last item, as we kept the best for last.

Irish Sweaters

Let’s start with a story: there once was an Irish fisherman that was going to sea daily, freezing by the cold waves of the sea and enduring the breeze. his thoughtful wife knitted him an Aran sweater with many stitches: one for luck, one for health, another one for safety and one more for wealth. Now if you liked that story, remember it, as it is a short history of the Aran Sweaters we all cherish so much. In our new collection you will find new unique Irish sweaters as this crew neck Aran sweater for ladies. It comes in two colors, a soft white and a vibrant olive green, so you can get both and style them in many different ways for more classy or bold looks. The sweater is knit with cable stitches, the stitch for safety and luck, and has a crew neck design. 

We hope that after reading this article, you are excited to shop our new additions and to style these pieces in many outfits. If the fisherman story sparked your interest, you can read more about Aran stitches meaning, and if you want to see our other collections, you can find all the Traditionally Irish pieces on Tara Irish Clothing. Make sure that you read the care recommendations for every item, so you can enjoy it for as long as possible. 


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