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How to wear Irish Aran sweaters this autumn- a guide for gentlemen

Irish sweaters, also referred to as fishermen or Aran sweaters, are a very classy, timeless piece of clothing that every gentleman should have in their closet. From a poor fisherman’s garment to one of the most beloved sweaters all around the world, Tara’s Irish sweaters are made of 100% Merino wool of the highest quality, which makes them not only elegant and beautiful, but also very functional, long-lasting, and easy to style. And now that autumn is finally here, it is the perfect weather to wear them and to show off your one-of-a-kind sweater with distinctive patterns. In case you need some inspiration on how exactly to dress your sweater, Tara is here to offer you a few ideas on how you can be warm and look stylish in this season. 

Crew Neck/V-Neck Irish Sweater and Shirt 

Crew Neck Knit Irish Sweater for Men

If you're just learning how to layer garments for the fall, the standard sweater and shirt combo is a good place to start. For an elevated look, opt for an Irish sweater that will not only successfully replace a standard sweater but will show off your heritage and serve you for a longtime. Like this, you can be not only warm and comfortable, but also extremely professional-looking if you need it for a location like the office or just wish to wear more formal attire on a daily basis. For this outfit idea, the best options would be the classic heavyknit Aran crewneck sweater for men or the elegant V-Neck Shaped gents sweater. The first one has a close-fitted neck, while the second one comes in the distinctive style of a V shaped neck, thus they both allow the shirt underneath to be seen. This combo is remarkable in its simplicity, as it is easy to pair and can provide a lot of room for creativity. You can opt for the classic black and white look, but you can also play around with various materials and colors, such as putting a bright blue or green shirt underneath your sweater. You can also wear patterned shirts with jumpers as long as the colors are complementary. This costume can be worn with any pair of pants, from jeans to chino pants and if you want to appear more professional and put-together, add some dress shoes to the ensemble. You'll look fantastic on every occasion if you dress like this!  

Zipper Irish Sweater and Shirt 

Half Zip Irish Sweater for Men

Although it can resemble the combination that has been mentioned above, a combination between a zipper Aran sweater and a shirt is much more different from the one that we’ve already described. What makes this fisherman sweater style distinctive from the other, classier ones is the unique zipper neck that gives it a modern, sporty look, depending on whether you’re opting for a half zip sweater or a full zipper sweater.  A men’s full zipper Aran sweater is a very good choice for outdoor activities, sports, or walks, and it can be worn even during camping or hiking in the woods or mountains. A patterned shirt, such as a fennel one, seems much more appropriate to team with this type of sweater in order to create a relaxed and laid-back outfit. If you want to put together an outfit for late November days when the weather becomes cooler, layer this knitted sweater with a turtleneck or a long-sleeved top for more warmth and coziness. When wearing a combination like this, keep in mind that this style is sportier than the others, so stylize your clothing accordingly. For example, for a look like this some jeans and a pair of sneakers or other athletic shoes would be far more appropriate than suit pants and pointed toe shoes.

Crewneck/Turtleneck Irish Sweater and Cardigan 

Mens Irish Knit Cardigan

Another timeless combo, the sweater and cardigan is perfect for layering on chilly autumn days. By wearing such a combination, you can keep yourself warm and if necessary, take one sweater off and still look cool and properly dressed. This men's clothing can be worn both for a casual look or for a sophisticated one, since these types of sweaters are very diverse and functional. Crew neck sweaters are the most traditional type of sweater, with a close-fitting round neckline that will keep you warm while looking fashionable. Cardigans are also very practical because they are available in a variety of designs. They can be long or short, thin or more heavyweight while Irish cardigans will provide their owners with distinguishing chunky knitted patterns that give them a more three-dimensional, solid appearance. You can play around with different styles of Irish cardigans, such as wearing a bulky one with a shawl collar or a Tara’s wool knit Irish cardigan with wooden buttons. You can mix and match different colors, textures, and materials with this ensemble, just like you can with the sweater + shirt combo. Pair a thin sweater with a slightly thicker heavy knit Irish cardigan to create a lightweight outfit for early September days, but go for a heavier sweater and an even chunkier cardigan if you want to stay warm on late fall evenings. If you want to wear this outfit anywhere that requires formal attire, you can layer it with a shirt or a button-up beneath for more comfort and warmth. It can also be worn with any pair of shoes or bottoms. For a walk, wear jeans and sneakers; for a business day, wear Oxford shoes and a pair of black cotton trousers. Don't overlook the importance of accessories like belts and watches in this simple ensemble, since they are the ones that can make a big difference in this attire.

Turtleneck Sweater and Wool Knit Vest 

V-Neck Wool Aran Vest for Men

Sweater vests, also known as sleeveless sweaters, have always been a popular garment in the male wardrobe, but they grew in popularity in recent years. The vest is a sort of sleeveless knitted garment, as its name suggests. It comes in a variety of styles, cuts, and patterns. It could, for example, be knitted with cable rope stitches, have buttons, or come in different fits, such as tight or loose. A turtleneck and a knit vest are an excellent combo to have in your closet, especially in the autumn, because sleeveless sweaters are great for layering and can provide extra warmth without seeming heavy in the arm area, especially when worn with a large coat. These items are a less formal version of the traditional vest coats, which are a highly imposing garment that not everyone can wear on a daily basis. For a professional and polished look, pair a vest with a turtleneck and in case you are unsure what color and fabric to wear, a navy men’s Irish wool vest will match with whatever outfit you choose to put together. You can also try out other fabrics and colors, such as a black and white business outfit, a natural-toned beige turtleneck and blue vest for a laid-back appearance, or bold, colorful items to give some extra brightness to your everyday style. When it comes to pants and accessories, dress them according to the style you want to achieve. For example, a well-fitted vest looks great with formal shoes, while a larger, oversized one looks better with tennis or other sport shoes. 

As you can see, there are numerous ways to combine Irish wool sweaters with other garments that you have in your wardrobe. They come in a variety of cuts, designs, and patterns, making them easy to match with the rest of your clothing and responding to anyone's fashion sense and style preferences. What makes Irish sweaters so great is their versatility: you can use them to create an official, formal looking outfit that would look powerful and imposing, but they can also be great for when you want to wear a more relaxed, casual attire. Depending on your lifestyle and fashion preferences, you can choose a sweater that would be the right fit for you that would be used to put together lots of unique and creative outfit ideas. Tara Irish Clothing has a large selection of male Irish sweaters that are tailored to fit everyone, so if you are interested in finding the perfect jumper for you, welcome shopping with us!  


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