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5 Father's Day Irish gift ideas for 2023

5 Irish gift ideas for this Fathers Day

We know how hard it is to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, we all want something that shows our love and appreciation. And we also know that the hardest people to shop for are usually the ones you know the best. There is the pressure of trying to be thoughtful, funny and to find something actually useful and all of that ending in last minute online shopping…we’re here to make sure you don’t resort to that. Here, at Tara Clothing we have a selection of traditional Irish items that make the perfect meaningful gift. As we tried to help you with our Mothers Day Gift Guide, we are now back with our 5 Irish Gift Ideas for Father’s Day. Our gift guide includes traditional Irish gifts that won’t get tossed in a corner and get forgotten by next year’s Fathers Day. And if this article somehow got to be your last resort, don’t worry, our items ship in 3-4 days, so you can still make a good impression, even at the last minute.

1. A Wool Irish Throw

After a long and tiring day at work, or when it’s been a long time since the last family reunion, what could be better than gathering the whole family on a Soft Merino Wool Check Blanket for a picnic? Exactly, we can’t think of anything either. This is the gift that will keep on giving, as it is a very shareable one, either for a family activity, or just for your parents date night in, watching a movie while cuddling up on the couch. Your father will stay cozy and warm during the winter, and will definitely take this blanket outside for summer activities. The only possible problem is your mom stealing this one away, as it is the softest throw and will definitely charm her, but don’t worry, you can get her one too, and with our color variety, you’re surely gonna find something that makes everyone happy.

2. An Authentic Aran Fisherman Sweater

Rugged Shawl Collar Irish Fisherman Sweater

This gift is not only stylish and cozy, but it’s also a piece of Irish history and will surely be appreciated by any Irish father. Our Shawl Collar Irish Wool Sweater is carefully stitched with traditional Aran stitches and it is made in Ireland and telling this to your father will make this gift so much more personal and thoughtful. The sweater is soft and cozy and can be incorporated in many outfits so your father can enjoy it on different occasions. As it comes in more than one color, you still have some decisions to make yourself, we can’t make it so easy, but we are sure that you’ll get the best one that will suit your father’s preferences. 

3. A Warm Wool Scarf

Irish Men's Donegal Grey Wool Scarf

If your dad is more on the fashionable side, or if your mom tries to convince him that it is really cold outside, this one’s for him. Getting him a Donegal Wool Scarf  will keep your mom happy, while being breathable and comfortable for your father. This will go very well with any type of outfit, as it comes in neutral colors and is a very simple item that can be worn in many different ways. This is definitely a present that shows you put some thought into this year’s gift giving and making your mom happy with your father’s gift can only bring you bonus points.

4. A Stylish Irish Tweed Cap

Donegal Sleek Irish Touring Tweed Cap

This one is a great present for any Peaky Blinders fan, or for a very stylish dad that loves accessorizing his outfits. Get your father our Irish Touring Tweed Cap and you’ll be the winner of this year's gifting contest, if your family is competitive about this. This gift may not be for everyone, but it surely is unique and an Irish statement piece. As simple as this item may seem, it adds a plus of style to a simple outfit, and it comes in a variety of colors, so you can even get him more than one, to make sure he can incorporate them in many different outfits.

5. A Cozy Knit Aran Cardigan

Men's Merino Knit Aran Zip Cardigan

We have already included our Sweater suggestion, and while you would think it’s the same thing, it really isn’t. For a more cozy option and more variety in styling it, a Knit Zip Aran Cardigan is what you want to get, as it can be used for layering in a casual outfit or any professional look. Of course, you can get both of them if you want your father to start a new collection of Irish clothing and with our items, he is sure to find many pieces to add to his collection. As our knitwear is made in Ireland and is made with Aran stitches, it adds a cultural and historical background to your cozy gift. The Aran stitches also have different symbolic meanings that can send just the right message, you can find all about that.

With these options, we hope you at least have an idea of what you should look for, and while this guide is a shortcut, at Tara you have many other options of Irish Traditional Sweaters, Tweed Stylish Caps and Cozy Irish Throws for any other occasions, special presents or even for yourself. With our different designs and color variations we guarantee that our items can fit into any wardrobe and style so you can find something even for the most pretentious of your loved ones. These all are high quality and long lasting pieces that add style and honor Irish heritage and this is why they are sure to impress. Make sure you check our other blog articles for other ideas and come back when you are undecided and looking for the perfect gift, as we try to help as much as we can.

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