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10 traditional Irish Christmas gift ideas

Regardless of how well you know your family and friends, during the holiday season it is very easy to feel lost. It's difficult to find the right present, rushing from one store to another, especially when you've left this task for the last minute. This is why we've created this guide to make your holiday shopping easier and more enjoyable. All 10 items on the list are traditional Irish products that will make thoughtful gifts for all of your loved ones.

Irish sweater

traditional button neck Aran sweaters for men in an intense navy color  Ladies Turtleneck Merino Wool Irish Sweater

Let's face it, you knew this was coming. For good reason, Irish sweaters are the perfect Irish gift for absolutely anyone. They not only carry on significant Irish customs, traditions and history through their stitches and patterns, but they are also practical, so you can be assured that this gift will not end up in a dark corner of someone's closet. Here at Tara we sell Irish sweaters of numerous designs for both men and women. You can find traditional button neck Aran sweaters for men in an intense navy color that will surely look good with any other thing from their wardrobe, or you can go for a thick turtleneck for ladies in the natural color, holding its position as an absolute must-have regardless of the season. And if you want something extra special and adorable, you can even get matching Aran sweaters for the whole family, including the little ones!

Irish cardigan

Round Neck Irish Cable Cardigan for Ladies

Just as warm and elegant as Aran sweaters, Irish cardigans are another thing that everybody would like to find underneath the tree on Christmas morning. For men, they usually come in well-fitted design with a V-neck and buttons, while for women they tend to be more oversized and with a wider variety of neck lines such as crew necks, round necks, or even hooded cardigans. Traditional Irish patterns such as the cable and diamond stitches, the zig zag, the tree of life, and many others are used to knit our cardigans, resulting in a gift that is not only beautiful but also highly meaningful. A cardigan can be a wonderful, far more intriguing alternative to a basic jacket or coat, especially during chilly spring and autumn days. It's also ideal for the colder months, since the thick but delicate wool keeps one warm and protected. You can be sure that if you gift your loved one an Irish cardigan, they will appreciate it all year long.

Knit Mittens 

Irish Wool Knit Baby Aran Mittens
Although we all enjoy wearing elegant gloves, we can all agree that there is nothing better for the winter than a pair of thick, Irish woolen mittens that will keep your hands safe in any weather. These Irish mittens are made with plaited cable stitching, which symbolizes the interweaving of family life, and diamond stitching, which represents prosperity and riches. Because they are made of 100% Merino wool, they help your body regulate its own temperature, providing additional warmth and comfort. The most traditional color for them is white, since it is neutral and excellent for winter. Mittens are especially important for the youngest members of the family, since their skin is delicate and tends to become dry and irritated very quickly. If you happen to live in an area where the winters are particularly harsh, a pair of knitted mittens will keep your baby safe and protect them from any cold.

Wool Scarf

Merino Wool Cable Scarf for Ladies   Irish Wool Cable Knit Aran Scarf for Men

A traditional Irish scarf is yet another excellent gift for this holiday season, whether it's to complete the perfect set with the mittens or simply to be given on its own. It's one of the most essential accessories for keeping warm in the winter, and because it'll be worn every day for the next two or three months, you'll want it to be stylish and neutral in color to complement the recipient's style. We offer Irish scarves for every taste, from rich green merino wool scarves that will make you stand out to more delicate, common models like this thick, wicker diamond and cable knit scarf for ladies that can be combined with a fancy coat and will keep them shielded from the cold.

Irish flat cap

Men Herringbone Irish Cap Vintage

Warm, thick, and comfortable, there is no better Christmas present for a gentleman than an Irish flat cap. It may be worn throughout the winter since it protects the head from freezing , keeping you warm and cozy, while looking sleek. Tara's Irish caps are available in a wide range of Celtic designs and fabrics, including patchwork tweed caps and linen caps made of 100% natural material. If you're not sure what kind of style the man you're purchasing for prefers, a vintage herringbone Irish cap is the best choice, especially for the wintertime. It's timeless, authentic, and fashionable, so there's really nothing more to ask for!

Soft merino wool throw

Aran Irish Blanket Made in Ireland

If you are still unsure about the fashion preferences of the receiver of the gift and wouldn’t risk buying them any apparel, consider a home décor element instead! Irish blankets and throws are a lovely and meaningful present that can be used to decorate the couch or the chairs as well as to keep one warm on harsh winter nights. They're made of the finest Merino wool, which helps to lock in the heat so that they will make one feel cozy and relaxed for a longer time. They are so delicate and comfy that they are appropriate even for the family's youngest members of the family. This exquisite large merino knit cable throw, for example, is certain to become your favorite blanket as it is large enough to become that extra layer for your bed and is knit using traditional diamond and cable stitching guaranteeing its authenticity.



Apart from woolen items of high quality, Ireland is also known for the beautiful teapots. Few people know that the Irish are one of the biggest tea consumers in the world, so it's no surprise that their teapots and teacups are of the greatest quality. Some of the companies were founded over 200 years ago, and many of their teapots are hand painted by artists who have spent their lives perfecting their craft. Purchase a teapot or a set with hand painted shamrock detailing, Ireland's national symbol, or a blessing, and the whole family will be delighted.

Home blessing


Speaking of blessings, no one could resist such a present. The Irish have special blessings for any significant life event, especially important being the ones regarding the marriages, so if your friends happen to be newlyweds, a blessing wall art in Celtic style that wishes them a never-ending love for each other would be an amazing gift. And for those who are single or who have been happily married for long years, a classic Irish prayer in a beautiful wooden or pewter frame that wishes them good luck and protects them from any harm is also a very memorable item that can even be passed down from generation to generation.

Trinity knot necklace

Trinity-Knot Necklace
A trinity knot necklace is sure to make someone with Irish ancestry happy. The Trinity Knot, also known as the triquetra, was used to venerate the neo-pagan triple goddess's Mother, Maiden, and Crone. Such a present would be particularly significant to a woman, since this knot is known for representing a woman's three life cycles in relation to lunar phases. These days, it is no longer linked to its pagan origins, and is rather known as a symbol of the Holy Trinity, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. A silver necklace with Trinity knot shows off your Irish heritage as well as representing a wish for eternal love. Receiving such a gift would be especially meaningful for someone who desires to reconnect with their Celtic roots.

Claddagh ring

claddagh ring
Now that we’ve tackled the topic of silver jewelry with great value and significance, it would be impossible not to mention the Claddagh ring as a gift idea for someone whom you love and appreciate. It is a three-hundred-year-old piece of jewelry whose symbolism has been passed down through the generations. It is made out of three elements: the hands standing for friendship, the heart representing endless love, and the crow symbolizing loyalty. Even though they are commonly used as engagement or wedding rings in Irish culture, they can also be gifted as a mark of friendship and deep appreciation. Such a present is charming, simple to wear, and would be suitable for both a man and a woman.

Browse through our selection of Irish sweaters for men and Irish wool sweaters for ladies, and Irish accessories for more ideas for thoughtful presents and we can assure you that your package will be delivered before Christmas, so that everyone will get their perfect gift on the morning of the 25th of December.

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