Women's Zip-up Aran Sweater
Women's Zip-up Aran Sweater
  • Hand Knit
  • Full Zipper
  • Machine Washable
  • Lined Cardigan
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Product Overview

This Hand Knit women’s zip-up Aran Cardigan is distinctive in that it is designed with four Celtic stitching including moss, cable, plaited cable, and lobster claws. The moss represents wealth and growth of mossy soil, the cable represents the fisherman’s rope, the plaited cable represents the interweaving of family life, and the lobster claws represent the claws of the lobster.

This Aran Cardigan has a short collar that ends about two inches below the chin. The Cardigan falls at the hips and the sleeves end at the wrists. The trim on both the bottom of the Cardigan and the sleeves has a simple cable stitching. The sweater is loose like more traditional Arans, making for a comfortable fit. The zipper on this cardigan gives it a modern look to a traditional design.

This zip-up Aran Cardigan is made out of 100% merino wool and is available in the Natural White color. This Cardigan is Hand Knit in Ireland ensuring a thick finish that is warm and stylish.

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