Mrs Browns Boys - Full Box Set 12 Disc USA & Canada
Mrs Browns Boys - Full Box Set 12 Disc USA & Canada
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Mrs Brown's Boys & Brendan O'Carroll 12 Disc Collector's Edition

Includes The Original RTE Mrs Brown's Boys 7 Disc Series: Bloomers Outtakes from the

Mrs Brown's Boys series and The Stand up Collection bonus 4 Disc set DVD


Mrs. Brown’s Boys Part 1

Based on the hugely successful comedy

“The Last Wedding”

In part one of the collectors set, join the formidable

Dublin widow AGNES BROWN and her hilarious family

of five son’s and one daughter as she ploughs through

the preparations for the family wedding

Mrs.Brown's Boys Part 2

The continuing preparations of Mrs. Brown’s Boys

for “The Last Wedding”

Part 2 of the story based on the hugely successful stage

play. Join Agnes Brown and her doting family again

as she tries to figure out…

• Who is marrying who?

• What is she going to wear?

• Will Simon get his promotion?

• And what is Rory doing with that man in his mouth?

Once again Writer/Director and Star Brendan O’Carroll

takes us on a hilarious whirlwind tour of this “average” family.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys Part 3

Another HILARIOUS romp through the life of

the lovable psycho AGNES BROWN.

Here she goes again, the formidible AGNES BROWN

trying to keep her chaotic family in order (forgetting of

course that she is the cause of most of the chaos).

In this, part three of the series, Agnes tries not to interfere

(yeah right!) as she sees her daughter CATHY fall in love

with a hunk of a detective Garda (Keith Duffy), but is all

as it seems? Cathy’s best friend, that sexy, shapely, slapper

SHARON, doesn’t think so.

Mrs.Brown's Boys Part 4

Here comes the fourth installment in

our story of the lives of the very ‘ordinary’

Brown family and their friends and neighbours

The family have decided that it’s time for Grandad’s

funeral - the fact that he’s not dead makes no

difference to their plans. Cathy is looking at her

policeman boyfriend and wondering what kind of

husband he’d be. She may find out sooner than

she thinks.

Mrs.Brown's Boys Part 5

Welcome back to the jarro and the home of Agnes Brown

and her disparate family. With the arrival of the triplets to

Dermot and Maria Brown, it seems time for him to settle

down, but as usual Buster Brady has a brilliant scam

and Dermot finds it irresistable. Rory is having trouble

convincing Dino that he is not pregnant - Mark Brown

needs to be daddy and this might mean that someone

gets a smack in the gob! - Cathy dates yet another

gobshite and Sharon’s lust for Corny looks like it’s

going to last.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys Part 6

After overhearing a “secret” family meeting about

putting her into a “home” AGNES BROWN decides

to prove herself fit and sane to the rest of the

BROWN family. But does passing out after jogging

once around the house prove her fit? Or does giving

herself a “Brazilian” locked in a cupboard prove

her sane?

Welcome to part 6 in the Brown family saga -

more mayhem, more hilarious and bizarre event’s

that only the Brown family can generate!

Mrs.Brown's Boys Part 7

Mrs Brown takes on the role of a pop svengali in

her latest adventure, putting together a boy band

as only she knows how. Agnes puts Louis Walsh to

shame in her promotion of the new Irish pop sensations

‘WESTBOYS LIFE’ and their debut single

‘Love On A Humpback Bridge’.

Mrs.Brown's Bloomers

Out-takes from the hilarious Mrs. Brown Series

In this DVD you will find a collection of bloomers made

during filming of the seven DVDs. I hope you get a laugh

and a flavour of how much fun we have every year

shooting. So, go on, sit back and watch the “professional”

actors making a pigs m**key of themselves - this is your

chance to have a root through MRS BROWN’S BLOOMERS

Brendan O'Carroll How's Your Snowballs ?

Live from the “Theatre Royal” in Limerick City,

Ireland’s number 1 funnyman takes you on a hilarious

journey through Christmas parties, life with the kids,

his unsuccessful attempts at getting laid and his

wedding day in a non-stop helter skelter of laughter

and outrageous mayhem.

How's Your Jolly Roger ?

In the “real” capital of Ireland, Cork city.

Brendan O’Carroll takes the southern

audience on a riotous trip through Irish life.

How's your Rasperry Ripple ?

When you remember that Brendan O’Carroll

began his comedy career in his native city of

Dublin - playing in pubs to maybe a hundred

people - then it puts into perspective this

performance this performance in the Olympia

Theatre as he returns to the city by the Liffey

to a record pre-sold 50,000 tickets

How's your Wibbly Wobbly Wonder ?

After SIX years on the road playing the Mother of

all Mammys Agnes Brown, BRENDAN O’CARROLL

returns to his comedy stand up roots.

And where else would he go but to his native

Dublin City. The Olympia Theatre sold out the

10,000 tickets for the week long run in just one

hour. So out he stepped to an audience full

of anticipation and ready to have a laugh.

And they did... Big time!


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