Irish Baby Blanket Wrap
Irish Baby Blanket Wrap
  • Dimensions: 100 x 75
  • Made in Ireland
  • Pure Irish Wool
  • Retail Price: $97.95
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Product Overview


With all the talk of gender neutrality for children and letting them choose their own path, we both agree and disagree: instead of taking away all references to the two most common baby colors, blue and pink, why not give them both?  


Here we have a wonderful example of an Irish lambs wool blanket and a frayed edge for that bit of added style. Both pink and blue bands intersect, creating a great grid pattern of color, extending into the edges ensuring plenty of pretty little bits of material for your young one to play with. 


But of course this blanket isn't just for children, adults can enjoy it too. Whether you're sitting on it with your kid, or washing out baby food, you'll enjoy your time with the blanket too. Why? Because it's incredibly soft and comfortable and tough too, so you won't need to buy one again for a while – how many other baby items can you say that about?  


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