Fairisle Irish Wool Sweater
Fairisle Irish Wool Sweater
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  • Modern Tweed Design
  • Donegal Charcoal Wool
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Product Overview

Charcoal Only

This Irish Sweater is not a common pattern or look that will be found in old pictures of Irish Clothing. The sweater is a modern version of the Traditional Men’s V Neck Aran Cardigan; it has a zipper at the top of the cardigan giving it a modern look and allowing it to be closed for extra warmth.

The pattern also used in this sweater is different from Traditional Irish Aran patterns; this pattern has a Fairisle feature that is added to the sweater when it is being knit in Donegal Ireland. The Wool used at the bottom of the sweater has a tweed look that comes from the fleck that is entered in the wool when it is being spun at our Donegal location. This sweater is a modern looking Irish Sweater that will be enjoyed by anybody that is wearing it.

Additional information from a valued customer and good friend Mr. Komar - 

I have a fair number of Norwegian and Icelandic sweaters: the wool is marvelous and perfect for the intense cold of Canadian winters out here on the prairies, where the wind can blow for hundreds of miles unobstructed.  (Right now, we have 107 forest fires burning in northern Saskatchewan; and the smoke has drifted down to the middle and bottom of the province, where I live. We have had thick smog for the past several days, just like Beijing.)
Your Fairisle has an authentic look of the Norwegian Setesdal pattern of crosses.  But some Norwegian firms are now combining the crosses with Aran stitches.  Google Norwegian Sweaters; and you will get onto a small family company in Norway (with a US distributor) which has a sweater titled "Hettra."  This garment has the Norwegian pattern through the centre, with Aran stitches up the sleeves.
A number of Irish knitting firms offer different versions of the Fairisle, but the version offered b jTara is the most authentic and beautiful I have seen, which is why I bought it.  I suggest it would be dazzling, if you added the Fairisle pattern across the bottom of the sweater (sleeves and just above the waistband), as many Norwegian knitters do.  Norwegian and Icelandic patterns are virtually unknown in North America.  But one very enterprising company out of the UK, Wool Overs, offers a fair number of garments in these patterns, some of them in lambs wool for summer wear.
Thanks gain for the great service.  --  Jim Komar

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